Your projects are “submitted” via git and Bitbucket. You must first create a free Bitbucket account. Read the git notes for details about submission.

How to create a Bitbucket account:

  1. Create a free Bitbucket account.

  2. Create an ssh key and upload it to your Bitbucket account. (For help, see Step 6 on the Bitbucket documentation page.)

  3. Create a repository. Call it “csci201-project-01”. Make sure it is a “private” repository.

  4. Now, follow the “basic workflow” instructions in the git notes to create a repository and push it to Bitbucket.

  5. Back at Bitbucket, refresh the page so you can see your committed files. Now, on the right side, click “Send invitation” and type “joshuaeckroth”. This allows me to view your repository. I will only be able to see commits you have “pushed”.

You are now done. When I start grading each project, I will visit your repository and download your code (automatically, with a script I have written).

CSCI 201 material by Joshua Eckroth is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License. Source code for this website available at GitHub.