CSCI 201 - 01, Fall 2015 — Computer Organization

Work hard in this class and you should be able to:

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Projects are individual activities. You will turn in your materials via git and Bitbucket.

Assignments are scored out of 5 points.

Late work

Late work is accepted until the day before the final exam. Late work is penalized 40%.

Honor code

You may not make use of any code found on websites (excluding this website). You may use code found in our book.

I am strongly in agreement with the Stetson University Honor Code. Any form of cheating is not acceptable, will not be tolerated, and could lead to dismissal from the University. This includes plagiarism of any sort on projects or the final exam.

Academic success center

If a student anticipates barriers related to the format or requirements of a course, she or he should meet with the course instructor to discuss ways to ensure full participation. If disability-related accommodations are necessary, please register with the Academic Success Center (822-7127; www.stetson.edu/asc) and notify the course instructor of your eligibility for reasonable accommodations. The student, course instructor, and the Academic Success Center will plan how best to coordinate accommodations. The Academic Success Center is located at 209 E Bert Fish Drive, and can be contacted using the email address asc@stetson.edu.

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