Project 3

Implement the following chips by writing an HDL file for each. Start with the HDL templates provided. Be sure to test your implementations with the corresponding test scripts.

You may use any chip described in Chapters 1 and 2, and any other chips you build.

Chips to implement

The RAM16K chip is in a separate folder, to be sure the simulator does not load RAM8 and other RAM chips that will slow down the simulator. You want the simulator to use builtin (Java-coded) chips for the various RAM chips used by RAM16K.

Download a ZIP file containing the necessary files.


For your chips to be considered correct, you must meet the following restrictions:


A chip is considered correct if it passes all of the tests defined in its corresponding .tst script and .cmp comparison output.

Extra credit

If you implement your chips with the fewest chips/gates possible (fewest “PARTS” in the HDL file), you receive extra credit.

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