Project 5

Download updated simulators: csci201-simulators-v2.7.zip

Hey! Do that thing I said above.

Task 1

Rewrite MoveSquare.asm so it has 190 lines of code or fewer. You can see how many lines it has by loading it into the simulator and looking at the last occupied row of ROM. (ROM counts from 0, so 190 is 189.)

The rewritten version must function exactly as the original.

Grading will depend on how close to 190 lines you are able to get. Extra credit (+1 pt) will be given if your solution has 170 lines or fewer.

Task 2

In this task, you will rewrite programs we developed in class in MIPS assembly language. Those programs are found on the assembly language notes.

Download a ZIP of the MIPS templates (plus MoveSquare.asm).

Download the QtSpim MIPS Simulator. The tool’s main page is here.

You will use MIPS32 assembly language, designed for the MIPS processor (used in the Nintendo 64; PlayStation, PS 2, and PS Portable; and millions of other devices).

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